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A Quick Winter Jumper

Posted by on Jan 31 2012, in Pattern review, Sewing for Children

We celebrated the boys’ birthday last weekend (and no, you won’t be seeing picture after picture of an immaculately planned, exquisitely executed party complete with matching themed everything on this blog.  I make a homemade chocolate cake.  I iced it.  It sort of looked like a lego block.  Sort of.  Regardless, the children ate it/smeared it/devoured it and I am comfortable with that level of motherly love.  Live with it :))

The reason I am telling you this is not to announce my ceding of the crown to Martha “it’s a good thing” Stewart but to say that my niece and SIL came down to celebrate with us, which gave me a chance to whip up a quick outfit for Ellie.  I’m quite busy at work and sewing gives me a chance to relax.  All the same, I wanted something fast, so I chose this cute jumper from a 2005 issue of Ottobre (the same issue that her raincoat came from, actually).


I know it looks like an infant’s garment but it went up to a size 3 (98cm) so it worked perfectly for E.  I picked up the fabric – a vibrant cat print – from Len’s Mill.  My niece has a thing for our cat, Puss.  Or as she calls her, “Puss-eee”.  The fabric was an end, bright enough that she’ll still be able to wear it in the spring with a t-shirt but dark enough that it’s appropriate for winter wear, too.  It’s a very, very light twill.

All of the buttons, studs and the clasps are stash, from a jean making frenzy I entertained (briefly) when David was about five.

In fact, I wouldn’t have minded it having a little more weight to the fabric, given the weight of the findings but interfacing the yoke took care of the problem well enough that I was satisfied.

I top stitched with machine quilting thread.  It could have stood to be a little thicker, too since the fabric was so busy but I was stash diving and I wasn’t going out for more thread.  I also toyed with adding some machine embroidery to the front yoke or pocket but I was going for “quick and easy” here.  It’s too easy to get sucked into adding one more thing each and every time.   Like Odysseus, I resisted.

There are some very nice details to the pattern(it’s Ottobre – that’s no suprise) for such a quick project.   The front and back bibs are fully faced and the button extensions work up really nicely.  Here’s a CU of the side placket.

All told, it was about 45 minutes to trace and cut and another 3 1/2 to sew it up.  I did forget the belt loops but by the time I remembered, I was going to have to get my seam ripper involved to fix the oversight so I just left it as it was.  Ellie really liked it and I almost wish the dress came in larger sizes – I could definitely see this working up in a myriad of ways.