Gathering Threads



    Are Petunias a Sign of Spring?

    Posted by on Mar 04 2012

    Is it spring yet? I don’t know. It’s March now but the temperature has been all over the map. Below freezing one day, soaring the next. It’s enough to give a person whiplash. All I know is I’m tired of winter clothes.  I want flowers and warm temperatures and no heavy coats. So last weekend, […]

    A Quick Winter Jumper

    Posted by on Jan 31 2012

    We celebrated the boys’ birthday last weekend (and no, you won’t be seeing picture after picture of an immaculately planned, exquisitely executed party complete with matching themed everything on this blog.  I make a homemade chocolate cake.  I iced it.  It sort of looked like a lego block.  Sort of.  Regardless, the children ate it/smeared […]

    A Wool Coat for David

    Posted by on Oct 13 2011

    I decided to join Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge this year. A lot of people (more productive, organized people, clearly!) have been cranking out outfits at a tremendous pace. There are so many lovely outfits in the flickr group, too. However, rather than try and kill myself, I thought I would use the week […]

    It’s All About Me!

    Posted by on Jul 22 2010

    After a mammoth couple of months of ‘business’ sewing, including five Christmas/winter articles, a Valentine’s Day cross-stitch and more, I’m finally taking a bit of a break from ‘gotta-dos’ to sew some ‘wanna-dos’. Last night, I cut out the lining for my Ottobre raincoat. Yes, yes, I know it’s taken me until now to get […]