Gathering Threads



    Raising the Roof Quilt Top Complete

    Posted by on Jun 13 2013

    Just a quick post to show you the completed quilt top for Raising the Roof. Hard to believe but in just over 4 weeks, I was able to complete the whole thing, from cutting to dropping it off with Allison. We’ve decided on a classic feather motif to emphasis the tromple-l’oeil effect of the dark […]

    David’s Guitar Quilts Pieced

    Posted by on Jan 03 2012

    It’s a Festivus Miracle. David’s pair of guitar quilts, which I started back in *mumble, mumble, shuffles feet* February of last year are finally pieced.  I’ve been working on it sporadically, piecing  the elements but never really getting the push to get it all together.  Finally, between Christmas and New Year’s I decided enough was […]

    Summer Hiatus

    Posted by on Jun 29 2011

    Just a quick note to my blog readers letting them know I’m going to be spending some time with family over the next two weeks, so my usual blogging will be on hiatus until then. June has been incredibly hectic and I just want to chill. I will be posting the second and third portions […]

    Tutorial: Designing Geometric Smocking Plates in Illustrator

    Posted by on Jun 23 2011

    This is the third lesson in my series of tutorials on how to use Adobe Illustrator to create smocking plates. This geometric plate features some of the most common geometric smocking stitches, including cable, wave and trellis.  It also features a simple cross-over design to introduce working with multiple layers.  It seems counter-intuitive that creating a geometric […]

    Bunny Tracks in the Snow

    Posted by on Feb 15 2010

    In the world of magazines, holidays come in a very peculiar order. Christmas projects are planned a year in advance and submitted in April. Valentine’s Day has me at my sewing machine in August. And my latest article for the Easter season, my third in Create and Decorate, just dropped through my mail slot and […]