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    Smocking Projects, Winter and Spring

    Posted by on Feb 14 2012

    Another session of swimming lessons is upon us, which means another session of easy to smock from the sidelines garments under way. Here’s the first one, which is a square yoke design from AS&E #30, published in 1994.   It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a while and when I found a deep […]

    A Quick Winter Jumper

    Posted by on Jan 31 2012

    We celebrated the boys’ birthday last weekend (and no, you won’t be seeing picture after picture of an immaculately planned, exquisitely executed party complete with matching themed everything on this blog.  I make a homemade chocolate cake.  I iced it.  It sort of looked like a lego block.  Sort of.  Regardless, the children ate it/smeared […]