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Sewing for Children

    Gail Doane 4-Piece Set workshop

    Posted by on Apr 27 2013

    I ran away from home last week. But before you panic, don’t worry.  I didn’t tie all my belongings up in a handerchief and set off on a raft; I went to Pennsylvania to attend the SAGA Needleart Retreat in State College. If I’d been thinking about the blog, I would have taken pictures but […]

    A Winter Dress

    Posted by on Feb 20 2013

    I’ve been working on this dress on and off since the summer.  If you’re wondering why it took so long, it’s a ‘swimming’ project.  What’s a swimming project, you ask?  Well, it’s closely related to the ‘soccer’ project; swimming projects live in an easy-to-carry bag during the week and the only time they come out […]

    Enigma Embroidered Spring Coat

    Posted by on Apr 02 2012

    I don’t do a lot of ‘straight’ hand embroidery. If I do embroider, it’s often in conjunction with my smocked projects – bullions, feather stitch, that sort of thing.  But last winter, I fell in love with the most gorgeous embroidered jacket from a back issue of Inspirations #12 (1996) called ‘Enigma’.    The knit […]

    Are Petunias a Sign of Spring?

    Posted by on Mar 04 2012

    Is it spring yet? I don’t know. It’s March now but the temperature has been all over the map. Below freezing one day, soaring the next. It’s enough to give a person whiplash. All I know is I’m tired of winter clothes.  I want flowers and warm temperatures and no heavy coats. So last weekend, […]

    A Quick Winter Jumper

    Posted by on Jan 31 2012

    We celebrated the boys’ birthday last weekend (and no, you won’t be seeing picture after picture of an immaculately planned, exquisitely executed party complete with matching themed everything on this blog.  I make a homemade chocolate cake.  I iced it.  It sort of looked like a lego block.  Sort of.  Regardless, the children ate it/smeared […]