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    Revealing my Spring Bouquet quilt

    Posted by on Jun 10 2014

    I’m very proud to reveal the finished version of Spring Bouquet, the enormous applique project that I worked on through the latter half of 2012 and into 2013. It’s been finished for a couple of months, but renovations meant I didn’t have a space large enough to lay it out, and take photos that would […]

    Spring Bouquet Quilt Top Complete

    Posted by on Apr 07 2013

    It’s done. After seven months, almost to the day, I’ve finished “Spring Bouquet”. You can see my progress over that time in my updates:  #1, #2 and #3 It seems appropriate somehow that I reached the milestone in spring. It’s still chilly and not much has started sprouting in our neck of the woods but […]

    Spring Bouquet Update #3

    Posted by on Mar 19 2013

    I’m making a lot of progress on Spring Bouquet.  On my last update, I was just starting the borders.  I’m happy to report that not only have I finished cutting and prepping all four of the borders, I’ve actually got two of them machine appliqued in place!  Here’s what one of the borders looks like: […]

    Spring Bouquet Update #2

    Posted by on Feb 18 2013

    Ta-da! I’ve reached a big milestone with my LBQ applique project. I’ve finished cutting and prepping all nine of the centre blocks.  Each block has between 45 and 75 individual pieces, so I’m approximately 60% of the way through the prep.  Here are some close-ups, in no particular order. I think they look fantastic, don’t […]

    Spring Bouquet Update #1

    Posted by on Oct 10 2012

    I’ve started climbing Mount Everest. A quilted, appliqued Mount Everest better known as Laundry Basket Quilt’s “Spring Bouquet”. I didn’t buy the pre-cut shapes or the QOM option.   Firstly, I don’t like the idea of doing raw edge fusible applique on anything but a ‘daily use’ quilt.  I think it looks messy and not […]