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Revealing my Spring Bouquet quilt

Posted by on Jun 10 2014, in Quilting

I’m very proud to reveal the finished version of Spring Bouquet, the enormous applique project that I worked on through the latter half of 2012 and into 2013. It’s been finished for a couple of months, but renovations meant I didn’t have a space large enough to lay it out, and take photos that would do it justice.

springbouquetcomplete (13)

I can’t give enough credit to Alison, my long arm quilter.  Her work is what makes this quilt as extraordinary as it is.  She spent many hours, bringing the applique to life.

springbouquetcomplete (3)

The motifs, like the flowers, are eclectic, with a light-hearted feel.    The batting is wool, and it gives a fabulous loft.  At the same time, the quilt, despite its size, is very light.  If the budget allowed, I’d do all my quilts with wool!

springbouquetcomplete (5)

I bound it with a dark maroon batik, which was one of the fabrics I used for the flowers.  I prefer narrow bindings, and this one finishes at 1/4″.

springbouquetcomplete (6)

The quilt size finishes to 74″.  Each of the nine blocks is different, while the borders use the same pattern, but with varied colours.

springbouquetcomplete (8)

I’ve started on my next applique project, which I am pleased to report has nowhere near as many pieces.  It’s a new Kim Diehl pattern, which I hope will end up in our master bedroom.   But there’s no timeline for it, so I’m going to savour my finish of Spring Bouquet and revel in getting it crossed off my to-finish list!


  • Absolutely stunning! I love the variety of fabrics and the “randomness” of the fabrics in the petals and leaves. The border of little squares gives the center definition without overpowering it. The quilting is just fantastic. Where will you put this, and how big is it?

  • Claire

    Thanks, Cynthia. I love its randomness, too. And it’s funny, because I’m usually not a big ‘batik’ fan but this one just drew me in. Size wise, it’s about 6′ x 6′. As for where to put it, still no idea. It matches nothing in our house. Not a darn thing! 🙂

  • Nananeva

    Absolutely gorgeous! You are a very talented lady, and must be dedicated to accomplish this quilt. If I were there in person, I would have to turn it over to see the quilting on the back side. Yes, I am one of ‘those’ – LOVE quilts and quilting.

  • Claire

    I’m a turnover-er myself, Nana. I always like looking at the seams and the insides of other people’s work, too, so I totally understand where you’re coming from 🙂

  • Diane Hitchens

    Claire your quilt is just beautiful! I just love the colors and fabrics you used. I love your checkerboard border and I think I’ll have to try one sometime. I’m a big fan of various sized piano borders but that checkerboard is sweet! Your longarmer did such a lovely job with the the quilting too 🙂
    Rougealar from ES