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Paisley Park – Another UFO Finish

Posted by on Jun 12 2014, in Guest Blog

I made great promises in January that this year was to be the year of UFO finishes!  This was the year!!  I was determined.  So, I got two quilt tops made over the Christmas break and then everything seemed to grind to a halt.  Drat that school!  And work!  Oh, and I live with some people.  Very demanding, these family types.  They apparently like clean laundry and time spent and dinners eaten.  So unreasonable. 🙂

Paisley Park smocked top and shorts

But my UFO dream wasn’t forgotten, despite my obligations, and I’ve been trucking away, although I haven’t had much to show for it here on the blog.  It’s been jobs like sewing on buttons or inserting elastic.  Hardly inspiring and definitely not work the effort of documenting.  But I’ve finally got something to show for my UFO efforts.

Paisley Park back

Here is Paisley Park, a very unfinished object that has been languishing in my stash, all cut out, but never sewn, for a couple of years.  It’s a cute top and shorts set from AS&E #83, designed by Kathy Dykstra.

Paisley Park bodice

I’ve made it before for Ellie using pink and green floral and like all of Kathy’s work, it was impeccably designed.  I’d intended this for Ellie, as well but she’s now a tall slim, almost six year old and this is a size 2-3.  Oops! 🙂  Thank heavens for cute little sisters.  Celeste is still too small for this but next summer it should fit her perfectly.

Paisley Park bodice detail

The fabric is OOP from Connecting Threads.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make this pattern with it again.

The smocking was very quick.  To add some interest to the big flowers, I smocked them all using variegated flosses.  Some are more obvious than others, but it adds dimension to them, I think.  Also adding dimensionality – the cat hair on the pink flower, which I totally missed until I saw it here, blown up nice and big… 🙂

Paisley park smocking CU

I didn’t have enough of the stripe to bind the bottom edge of the top, so I simply faced it with more of the yellow paisley print.  It works well and actually gives a lighter look to the overall design.

I kept the shorts simple.  They’ve got a mock cuff, cut on the bias, and topped with mini piping.  I prefer shorts finished like this – it gives them a good weight, so they hang well, but you don’t have to deal with the issues of cuffs getting wonky or flipping down.  Just pull ’em on and they’re good to go.

Paisley Park cuff detailSo now my 2014 UFO count stands at 4 – two quilts completely finished (Spring Bouquet and Aunt Gracie’s Garden), one quilt top pieced (Shiny Brite) and this outfit.  That’s not bad.  I’ve hauled another UFO (even better aged than Paisley Park) out of my stash and have begun sewing it again.  When I get that finished up, that will bring my count to 5 – leaving me one more quilt top to finish piecing, and another quilt still to bind.  How are you doing on your UFO’s this year? Any breakthroughs or is it just status quo?



  • This is gorgeous, Claire, and the details are fabulous. I’m swooning over the colors and fabrics.

  • Claire

    Thanks, Bunny – the colours are even perkier in person.

  • Angela Lee

    I love this little outfit. I would have never thought a paisley could look so fabulous! I always admire your cast on flowers!

  • Claire

    Thanks, Angela. When I saw this fabric, I *knew* I had to make this pattern again. I just wish I’d bought more, because it’s such a pretty design

  • Nonie

    I just love all the colors, so pretty. Good going on the ufo’s. Waiting to see the next one.


  • Claire

    I’ll give you a hint, Nonie, about my next UFO. It’s got embroidered flowers. Lots and lots and lots of embroidered flowers!

  • What a lovely, happy outfit! You are the best aunt ever!

  • Claire

    I’ve got the best nieces, Esther!