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Fall Sewing

Posted by on Sep 19 2011, in WIP

Hard to believe but the summer really is over.

Dug up the garden over the weekend. The blackberries are cut back now, as are the raspberries. Took out the corn stalks and the beans. The tomatoes are still going, albeit a little more slowly, so I left them in.

And I started some new projects.

A wool coat for David.

Polaris Coat

It’s a lovely boiled herringbone and the interior is this really dark olive quilted fabric. He chose the fabric and the pattern and as a result has been hovering in my sewing every time I sit down to sew. I only got a few hours on it. I’ve sewn the lining and got a start on the shell. Unfortunately, I managed to kill my edge stitch foot (it got caught in a seam and just went ping!) so until I can get down to my sewing machine store, I’ll hold off on any of the topstitching.  Nothing looks more homemade than wonky topstitching.

A front buttoning bishop using some really cute russian doll fabric I picked up in France over the summer.

russian doll fabric

It took some creative cutting but I squeezed it all in. It’s been sewn togethter, now I just need to find a few minutes to run it through the pleater. I’ve chosen a geometric plate from an old AS&E book and then it will have a contrasting band at the CF and around the hem. Should be very cute.  Not really a fall dress but I’ve blown my fabric budget for this year and am determined to sew nothing but stash for the rest of the year.

Then in the finish up category, I’ve got a partial yoke dress to finish embroidering and assemble, David’s guitar quilt to start assembling and a round yoke bishop with fall fabric to complete.

Enough to keep me out of the pool hall, I think!