Gathering Threads

Felicia Continued

Posted by on Feb 08 2011, in Smocking, WIP

Look what arrived in the mail!




The buttons are stash.  They’re glass and while they look really dark here, they’re a darn near exact match for the fabric.  They’re just the right size, too so hurray for serendipity.

When we last left our intrepid heroine, she was here:

And here’s the progress I’ve made.  (And no, the fabric hasn’t changed colour – I took these last night, under artificial light.  Went from blue to kinda greyish – darn colour temperatures!  The pictures I took in natural light are accurate.)

Not a ton, admittedly, but I have completed the smocking on Flower Power, made the Valentine’s pouches and made a sample for the quilting class I taught last week.  Plus worked and wrote and generally kept my family fed and dressed and out of the pool halls 🙂

As you can see, I completed the top band and have made about five rows of progress on the second.  Haven’t started in on the beadwork yet, but that will come as soon as I finish the trellis diamonds.  The backsmocking is done, too and when that’s done, I can pull out the pleating threads and get on to the ribbon work.