Gathering Threads



    A Bishop Save

    Posted by on Sep 15 2012

    Did you miss me? I know, I know, I’ve been shamefully remiss the last six weeks or so, with only one post to my credit.  For a while, I kept expecting to see internet rumours about my demise to start circulating.  LOL.  I was sort of hoping for something heroic or interesting.  While bungee-jumping  in […]

    I’ve Passed Smocking Level 1

    Posted by on May 24 2012

    Well, hoorah for me.  I’ve just heard from the PTS (that’s the Powers that Smock, btw :)) that I’ve passed Smocking Level 1 in the  SAGA Artisan program.  For those folks who aren’t familiar with the artisan program, it’s a self-directed, self-paced skills program, that allows you to earn points for workshops, publications, certain competitions […]

    Free Smocking Plate: Pirate Adventures

    Posted by on May 06 2012

    Poor boys.  They never get their fair share of the creativity, do they?  Girls get the dresses and the ribbons and all the pretties.  Boys end up with the snips and snails. But since it’s been ages since I posted a freebie here on the blog, I thought folks with little boys would enjoy this […]

    Tutorial: Pleater Maintenance

    Posted by on Feb 22 2012

    How’s your pleater treating you? Is it hard to turn, fighting over every revolution? Does it skew the fabric, even when it’s been cut on grain? Create bubbles in the fabric? Miss pleats? Needles snapping left and right? You may be casting an evil eye towards your needles and wondering if you have to replace […]

    Free Smocking Plate: Holiday Nutcracker

    Posted by on Nov 16 2011

    Boy smocking is always a challenge, especially when it comes to the holidays. The rules are as follows: nothing too ‘old fashioned’ ; nothing too ‘cutesy’ ; nothing too ‘fey’. Hopefully, this nutcracker soldier offers you a way to incorporate smocking into your holiday sewing without sentencing your little one to years of intensive therapy […]