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child’s quilt

    Shiny Brite Update #1

    Posted by on Jul 27 2013

    Ever wondered what 960 triangles look like? Wonder no more. I’ve finally emerged from my earth-tone, vintage inspired phase and am enjoying working with the fun colours in Shiny Brite.  Of course, my output has dropped dramatically since school got out.  It’s a little difficult to focus on your hobbies when you’ve got work and […]

    A Quilt for David, Burgeoning Rock Star

    Posted by on Mar 11 2011

    My oldest, who’s seven, *loves* music, the louder the better. Since we moved into our new house a few months back, he’s been reveling in having his own room and planning all sorts of ‘improvements’ to make it the ultimate pad for boys.  I’ve promised him that over the summer, he can help me paint […]