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Smocking Updates

Posted by on Dec 13 2011, in Smocking

December is such a busy month but I have managed to sneak in some smocking and thought I’d show you a few progress shots.

I’ve finished the ribbon embroidery and all of the embroidery on “Felicia“, a square yoke dress I started *ages* ago.  It’s been tucked up in my smocking basket, waiting for me to get my act in gear.  This past weekend, I did and completed the scrolling detached chain leaves on either side of the floral centre.  I want to move ahead with assembling it but that will have to wait until my machine comes back from the shop.  Feed dog issues. 🙁

But I do like the ribbon work.  It’s 100% silk ribbon.  Some of it is variegated, some of it is solid coloured but it’s all very soft and rich.  I’m sure someone with more experience than me would have had a prettier back (think Jackson Pollock, if he smocked) but for a first attempt, I’m happy.  It looks a little cock-eyed because it hasn’t been blocked or steamed yet – once it is, the points will square up.

Then there’s this bishop.  It’s a Russian doll print (or poupée russe as the French call it) that I picked up at Reine fabrics when I was in France this summer.

I only got 1 m of fabric because when I bought it I didn’t know what I was going to make with it, so this bishop took some creative cutting.  It was 60″ wide, which made it easier but I’m planning on showing you how I tackle the hem with coordinating prints to compensate for the fabric limitations.   When I’m done, you’ll (hopefully) never know it was a patch job.

The dolls are what attracted me – they’re just so adorable.

I still have to finish the points and then work red bullion flowers along the centre.  It’s going to be very fun and cheerful when it’s finished.

Then I have a couple more smocking projects I want to show you.  I’m working on my first video tutorial which I’ll get up in the new year and I want to show you my sampler for the SAGA Artisan program, which I am pleased to say I’m on the verge of completing (the first level at least).   Should be fun.

Now I have to run and work on getting my to-do-before-Christmas list tackled.


  • Oh my, I just swooned looking at your embroidery and smocking.