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A Quick Skirt for Elizabeth

Posted by on Nov 22 2011, in Sewing for Children

I’ve been sick this past week.

Hack up a lung with the cold without end, comatose with a Nyquil drip, sporting ratty pajamas with no thought for a shower sick.   Tis the season and all that.  DH gave it to me and now David is lying on the sofa, laid low with the same nefarious bug just as I start to recover.

But before my lost weekend, I did manage to whip up this cute little skirt for our friend, Elizabeth, age 4, who has a ‘thing’ for owls. I don’t generally make clothes for random friends but when I saw this cute owl print a couple of weeks ago, I knew she would love it.  Ooh, did she ever!

The pattern is “Dancer“, another one of my friend Laura’s excellent e-patterns. The fit is nice and the sewn in shorts  mean the climbing bar holds no more threats 🙂

I paired the retro print with a simple brown polka dot for the underskirt and used some bright pink print from my stash for the waist tie and binding.

I made a few invisible changes because I prefer a different method of binding than Laura recommended and I did the belt loops a little differently, too, inserting them into the waistband but otherwise, it’s identical to the pattern.

A nice, easy sewing project that I finished up in a morning.  Elizabeth loved it (I will try and get a picture of her wearing it – the whole being sick thing kind of impeded me!). My only regret is that her poor mother is going to be doing a lot of laundry in the coming weeks.  Her daughter’s already announced her intentions of wearing it to school every day.  🙂


  • Oh, that is so cute, Claire!! I’m so glad she liked it and it fit well. I’m sorry you’ve all been sick. I hope you get to feeling better quickly! This is not a fun time of the year to be sick! 🙂 Thanks for using my pattern!

  • Jan

    Just found your blog and I’m lovin’ it! I didn’t know you are a follower of my. Anyway, I’m definitely now a follower of yours! A lady in my chat group “Learning to Smock” sent a link this morning and I thanked her for that. The skirt is really cute.

  • Claire

    Thanks, Jan. I’m glad you like it. We smockers have to stick together 🙂