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    A Quick Skirt for Elizabeth

    Posted by on Nov 22 2011

    I’ve been sick this past week. Hack up a lung with the cold without end, comatose with a Nyquil drip, sporting ratty pajamas with no thought for a shower sick.   Tis the season and all that.  DH gave it to me and now David is lying on the sofa, laid low with the same nefarious […]

    Sweet Swiss Dot for Spring

    Posted by on Apr 13 2011

    Despite being swamped by end of term marking, I’ve been taking regular breaks in the sewing room.   I find the change keeps me fresh (and sane!) and I’ve made some adorable spring and summer outfits for my niece. None too fancy, mind, and mostly separates since that’s when she’s at her most comfortable.   […]