Gathering Threads



    Ebele finished up

    Posted by on Jun 03 2010

    I’ve got a sick boy at home today. After a nice long stretch ear-ache free, I had to claim him from school yesterday afternoon when he came down with a fever and painful ear. We’ve got the routine down pat now since he’s prone to them . He’s also well on the road to recovery, […]

    The Times, they are a changin’…

    Posted by on Apr 29 2010

    OK, forgive the Bob Dylan pun, but it seemed appropriate with a new project of mine being featured in the May issue of the Crafts n Things newsletter The diaper bag is a very spring-like project I designed for them earlier this year. It’s based on a prototype I developed for my own son nearly […]

    What’s Old is New again

    Posted by on Mar 10 2010

    It probably comes as no surprise that I’m a bit of a vintage pattern enthusiast. So when I spied this pattern on Ebay last week – a McCall’s Smocktop pattern from the early 1930s – I knew I wanted it. A whopping $4 later, it was mine. Ah, the thrill of a bargain. In addition […]

    Neither Rain nor Sleet

    Posted by on Feb 26 2010

    Everybody do a happy dance! The fabric for the raincoat I plan to sew for myself over the next couple of weeks has arrived today. We’re finally seeing some winter weather and the roads are slick and sloppy here but happily, the mail was delivered regardless and with it three yards of Michael Miller laminated […]

    The Cobbler’s Complaint

    Posted by on Feb 21 2010

    I sew. I embroider. I smock. I just don’t do them very often for myself. Seriously, I make pants and shorts and bags and quilts and magazine samples and sun dresses and baby shower gifts. I’m a veritable assembly line of “useful things for others” and Henry Ford’s ghost is very proud. But just like […]