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The Times, they are a changin’…

Posted by on Apr 29 2010, in News, Patterns

OK, forgive the Bob Dylan pun, but it seemed appropriate with a new project of mine being featured in the May issue of the Crafts n Things newsletter
diaper bag outside
The diaper bag is a very spring-like project I designed for them earlier this year. It’s based on a prototype I developed for my own son nearly six (six! how can it be six!) years ago, when he was an infant. I simply couldn’t find a portable changing system that let me actually change him on the road. So I made my own. Oh, the joys of sewing.

I’ve been twiddling with the design ever since. The latest version of this changing bag features lots of secure zippered pockets, a soft, padded removeable changing pad (as the mother of two boys, I know pee happens!) and roomy slots for wipes, ointments and diapers that keep them right at hand.

diaper bag open
My good friend, Laurie, at Adorable Heirlooms, hooked me up with a lovely selection of fabrics, including some of the nicest cotton prints I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Seriously, smooth, 60″ wide, lovely hand. They sewed up like butter. Thanks, Laurie!

This project works really well for boys too – there are so many cute quilting prints out there. In fact, this bag has become my go to gift for showers. I’m at the age when a lot of my friends are adding to their families and I’m coming to suspect I’m being invited just for the diaper bag! 🙂

If you make this project for your own little one, you might just find the same thing happening. Be prepared to clear your social calendar when the invitations start dropping through the mail slot.


  • Thanks for the plug, my friend! = )