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Sewing for Children

    A Quilt for David, Burgeoning Rock Star

    Posted by on Mar 11 2011

    My oldest, who’s seven, *loves* music, the louder the better. Since we moved into our new house a few months back, he’s been reveling in having his own room and planning all sorts of ‘improvements’ to make it the ultimate pad for boys.  I’ve promised him that over the summer, he can help me paint […]

    Quick Chenille Quilt Completed

    Posted by on Feb 24 2011

    I’ve been feeling a bit bogged down lately. What with the weather (cold, grey and snowy), work, writing commitments and a pile of UFOs that never seems to get any tinier, I needed a project that was easy, quick and cheerful. When a friend posted a link to this nice tutorial on Aesthetic Nest for […]

    The Most Beautiful Pajamas in the World!

    Posted by on Feb 02 2011

    Let me tell you a story about how these pajamas came into being. Just before Christmas, I popped down to Ottawa Street to pick up…something.  Elastic?  Buttons?  A spool of thread?  I can’t remember but I took my son with me.  He’s well trained for fabric stores and knows not to touch or pull or […]