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Sewing for Children

    A Quick Skirt for Elizabeth

    Posted by on Nov 22 2011

    I’ve been sick this past week. Hack up a lung with the cold without end, comatose with a Nyquil drip, sporting ratty pajamas with no thought for a shower sick.   Tis the season and all that.  DH gave it to me and now David is lying on the sofa, laid low with the same nefarious […]

    Ruby’s Day Dress

    Posted by on Nov 15 2011

    I often take my children to the Hamilton Children’s Museum.  We’ve been going since they were very little.  It’s a wonderful, hands-place where they can play and explore to their hearts content.  Earlier this year, one of the exhibits was about archeology.   They had a giant sandbox with dinosaur bones glued to the bottom. […]

    A Wool Coat for David

    Posted by on Oct 13 2011

    I decided to join Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge this year. A lot of people (more productive, organized people, clearly!) have been cranking out outfits at a tremendous pace. There are so many lovely outfits in the flickr group, too. However, rather than try and kill myself, I thought I would use the week […]

    Free Dress Pattern for 18″ Knit Doll

    Posted by on Aug 11 2011

    OK, succumbed to buyer’s impulse on Friday and picked up a wonderful knit doll from our local toy shop, Citizen Kid.  It’s not far from our house, so the boys always have to stop by and ‘ad-mire’.  Ellie turns three later this month and I thought she would enjoy the doll that I found for […]

    Dolly and Me à la Jerry

    Posted by on Aug 05 2011

    I tend to be fairly conservative in my fabric choices. Can’t help it. Just am. Usually, I’m a one main fabric, small accent colour on the piping and collar kinda girl. Sometimes, I’ll use a bolder fabric or a big print but very rarely do I mix and match prints with impunity. They either look […]