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Sewing for Children

    Flowers, Showers and Smocking

    Posted by on May 28 2014

    And now for something completely different! I don’t want you to think that I only like or smock ‘fancy’ dresses like my recent wool and lace confection.  In fact, most of the children’s clothes I sew are destined for everyday wear – I make play shorts and sweat pants for the boys, sundresses and easy […]

    Shiny Brite Update #1

    Posted by on Jul 27 2013

    Ever wondered what 960 triangles look like? Wonder no more. I’ve finally emerged from my earth-tone, vintage inspired phase and am enjoying working with the fun colours in Shiny Brite.  Of course, my output has dropped dramatically since school got out.  It’s a little difficult to focus on your hobbies when you’ve got work and […]

    A Summer Dress with a Cherry on Top

    Posted by on Jun 26 2013

    I’ve finished another summer dress.  Two down and one to go. Unlike the light pastels of the Farmhouse dress, this dress features a dramatic cherry print on a black and white polka dot background. I’ve been seeing cherries a lot lately and when I found this fabric on sale at Joann’s this spring, I thought […]

    Finished SAGA retreat outfit

    Posted by on Jun 23 2013

    I’ve finished the Farmhouse smocked dress and embroidered jacket I began on retreat in Pennsylvania at the end of April. The dress is very flattering and while the construction is very detailed in this version (everything is sewn with french seams and hand stitched bias binding), I can imagine many possible short cut variations for […]

    Exotic Smocking Project Mailed Away

    Posted by on Jun 09 2013

    I’ve been working on my SAGA Exotic Smocking correspondence course samples for ages. I’m embarrassed how long it’s taken me to get my final lesson sample done up.  I’m months overdue. But finally, on Friday, I was able to mail it off to Darcy.  You could hear my sigh of relief clear to Quebec.  Parts […]