Gathering Threads



    Guest Blog: Thoughts on the Internet and Creativity

    Posted by on Apr 28 2012

    I’m very happy to welcome Alison McDonald to my blog to share her thoughts on the internet and the rewards and challenges it offers to sewers and those who create.  She runs “Sew What Else?” here in Hamilton, ON, offering custom long arm quilting services to quilters.  She is also the local coordinator of the […]

    A new quilt project underway “Plaid Stars”

    Posted by on Apr 02 2012

    It took me ten months to finish David’s guitar quilts. I moaned.  I procrastinated.  I knashed my teeth and wailed. So guess what I started on this week? Another quilt 🙂 Yeah, yeah, I know but even if chain piecing will never fill my heart with rainbows and butterflies, I love the look of quilts. […]

    David’s Guitar Quilts Pieced

    Posted by on Jan 03 2012

    It’s a Festivus Miracle. David’s pair of guitar quilts, which I started back in *mumble, mumble, shuffles feet* February of last year are finally pieced.  I’ve been working on it sporadically, piecing  the elements but never really getting the push to get it all together.  Finally, between Christmas and New Year’s I decided enough was […]

    A Quilt for David, Burgeoning Rock Star

    Posted by on Mar 11 2011

    My oldest, who’s seven, *loves* music, the louder the better. Since we moved into our new house a few months back, he’s been reveling in having his own room and planning all sorts of ‘improvements’ to make it the ultimate pad for boys.  I’ve promised him that over the summer, he can help me paint […]

    Quick Chenille Quilt Completed

    Posted by on Feb 24 2011

    I’ve been feeling a bit bogged down lately. What with the weather (cold, grey and snowy), work, writing commitments and a pile of UFOs that never seems to get any tinier, I needed a project that was easy, quick and cheerful. When a friend posted a link to this nice tutorial on Aesthetic Nest for […]