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    The Quick Quilt Project that Wasn’t

    Posted by on Jul 18 2013

    This is the “Power of Four” from the Fon’s and Porter’s May/June 2013 Love of Quilting.  The designer is Tony Jacobson. When I saw it in the magazine, I was immediately drawn to the muted palette and strong, modern lines.  It would make a perfect gift for my brother. No fuss, no muss. Or so I […]

    Raising the Roof Quilt Top Complete

    Posted by on Jun 13 2013

    Just a quick post to show you the completed quilt top for Raising the Roof. Hard to believe but in just over 4 weeks, I was able to complete the whole thing, from cutting to dropping it off with Allison. We’ve decided on a classic feather motif to emphasis the tromple-l’oeil effect of the dark […]

    Dots and Spots and Polka Dots

    Posted by on May 28 2013

    I mentioned in my last update on “Raise the Roof” that I was planning to tackle a second quilt this summer.  I think I’m so determined to get all my UFOs and wanna-sews done while I can because I know the fall is coming and the fact that I’ll be heading back to school to […]

    Raising the Roof a little higher

    Posted by on May 15 2013

    I’m so glad I’m able to sew regularly again.  My sanity suffers if I don’t! My winter term at college was a heavy one, teaching wise, and by the end of April, it seemed that marking and lectures and exam prep were a 24/7 job.  I was lucky if I got to lather, rinse and […]

    Raise the Roof: a new pieced quilt project

    Posted by on Apr 22 2013

    You’d think after finishing Spring Bouquet, I’d be all quilted out, but apparently not.  I hadn’t even finished appliqueing all those flowers down and I was already planning my next quilt, which I intended to be a pieced quilt. I borrowed Carrie Nelson’s “Another Bite of Schnibbles: 24 Quilts from 5 and 10″ Squares” from […]