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Raising the Roof Quilt Top Complete

Posted by on Jun 13 2013, in Quilting, Uncategorized

Just a quick post to show you the completed quilt top for Raising the Roof.

Hard to believe but in just over 4 weeks, I was able to complete the whole thing, from cutting to dropping it off with Allison.

We’ve decided on a classic feather motif to emphasis the tromple-l’oeil effect of the dark and light stars. These photos are a bit blah – the quilt in person has a lot of depth and feels suitably scrappy.

The dark and light diagonal squares are really startling, too. They seem to jump out at you.

I made the pattern almost exactly as Carrie specified. The only changes I made were to the corner blocks (I went with pieced quarter square triangles) and the inner border, where I went with a dark red stripe rather than pieced strips of light fabrics. I think the dark anchors it more; the red stripe will also be used as the binding when I get it back from the long arm quilters.

I really like the vintage feel of this quilt and think that I’m going to be displaying it in our master bedroom, where the colours should go very well with the new look we’re (slowly) introducing.


  • Claire, this is MAGNIFICENT! I just love stars in any way shape or form & you’ve really got a beautiful quilt with them scattered all over.
    Well done! BRAVO!

  • Claire

    I’m fast becoming Carrie Nelson’s biggest fan, Rett. I’ve just started on another pattern from the same book. Her directions just *work*. No stars this time, tho. Bear paws 🙂