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Bunny Tracks in the Snow

Posted by on Feb 15 2010, in Uncategorized

In the world of magazines, holidays come in a very peculiar order. Christmas projects are planned a year in advance and submitted in April. Valentine’s Day has me at my sewing machine in August. And my latest article for the Easter season, my third in Create and Decorate, just dropped through my mail slot and features a very countrified bunny clasping a carrot of dubious origins.

Bunny doorstop
Criminal tendencies aside, he’s a jolly, fat little fellow, made of brown tweed and he’s just perfect for Spring.

Perfect that is, except that I am currently looking out my window and seeing snow. Cold, rather unappetizing snow, that has been well stomped by the young snowsuit wearing barbarians who share our lives aka my two sons.

No chance of seeing a delicate track of bunny prints in that well-mangled surface, let me tell you. And it’s not like I can complain. After a truly ferocious winter last year, for some reason, while everyone else has been walloped, we’ve had only a few small snows round these parts. Nothing that’s stuck. Nothing that’s required serious digging out. For Canada, that’s pretty good. Still, I’m tired of big boots, flat hair, and frantic mitten hunts, indubitably conducted two minutes before the bus is due.

The new spring fabrics are in the store. The spring magazines are starting to crop up on the newsstands. I’ve got my eye on some pretty spring fashions and a couple of sweet smocking plates. In other words, I’m starting to tire of winter.

I’m voting warm. What’s your vote?