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    Bin There, Done That

    Posted by on Oct 03 2011

    You know those sewing projects that seem like a good idea when you start out? The ones you’ll be able to sew up quickly?  Use up some stash, try a cute new pattern and knock off another to-do on the list? That won’t take a lot of fiddling or squidging or would-you-just-lay-flat-you-stupid-piece-of…because they’re just so […]

    Fall Sewing

    Posted by on Sep 19 2011

    Hard to believe but the summer really is over. Dug up the garden over the weekend. The blackberries are cut back now, as are the raspberries. Took out the corn stalks and the beans. The tomatoes are still going, albeit a little more slowly, so I left them in. And I started some new projects. […]

    Dolly and Me à la Jerry

    Posted by on Aug 05 2011

    I tend to be fairly conservative in my fabric choices. Can’t help it. Just am. Usually, I’m a one main fabric, small accent colour on the piping and collar kinda girl. Sometimes, I’ll use a bolder fabric or a big print but very rarely do I mix and match prints with impunity. They either look […]

    Tutorial: Blocking Smocked Yokes with Freezer Paper

    Posted by on Jun 15 2011

    The moment that always scares me when I’m making a smocked dress always comes when I’ve got to cut away my smocking for the armholes. Typically, the instructions say something like. “Block smocking. Trace armholes using pattern guide. Zig-zag inside the tracing. Cut.” Sounds easy enough.   How hard can it be?  Well, smocking is […]

    Advanced Stitches Project Complete

    Posted by on May 20 2011

    I’ve been struggling to hack down the UFO pile that’s been teetering and tottering on the corner of my sewing table.  Slowly, slowly, progress is being made. This angel-sleeved bishop is one of those UFOs that I finished this past weekend and I’m happy with the results. I made it as my final project for […]