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    A Bishop Save

    Posted by on Sep 15 2012

    Did you miss me? I know, I know, I’ve been shamefully remiss the last six weeks or so, with only one post to my credit.  For a while, I kept expecting to see internet rumours about my demise to start circulating.  LOL.  I was sort of hoping for something heroic or interesting.  While bungee-jumping  in […]

    Bin There, Done That

    Posted by on Oct 03 2011

    You know those sewing projects that seem like a good idea when you start out? The ones you’ll be able to sew up quickly?  Use up some stash, try a cute new pattern and knock off another to-do on the list? That won’t take a lot of fiddling or squidging or would-you-just-lay-flat-you-stupid-piece-of…because they’re just so […]

    Dolly and Me à la Jerry

    Posted by on Aug 05 2011

    I tend to be fairly conservative in my fabric choices. Can’t help it. Just am. Usually, I’m a one main fabric, small accent colour on the piping and collar kinda girl. Sometimes, I’ll use a bolder fabric or a big print but very rarely do I mix and match prints with impunity. They either look […]