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complete quilt top

    Farm Girl Finery Quilt Top Done

    Posted by on Dec 08 2014

    Another quilt top complete!  I can put a check mark beside Farm Girl Finery and call it a day. But please, don’t go thinking I’ve been sewing up a storm.  I have barely touched my machine since Hallowe’en.  I’ve just been too busy between teaching, prepping for my comprehensive exams, getting ready for the holidays […]

    Shiny Brite Quilt Top Complete

    Posted by on Jan 15 2014

    Hoorah!  Shiny Brite is wrapped and off to Allison’s for the quilting. It had been sitting, all the blocks trimmed and completed, since August.  You can see how far I’ve come since my last update on this project.  But all through the fall, every time I shifted the box the pieces lived in to get […]