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Blue, Blue, My love is blue!

Posted by on Apr 18 2010, in News, Smocking

Have you seen the latest issue of Sew Beautiful?

It’s gorgeous! with a capital ‘G’.

Kathy Barnard, the editor, has really come up with a winner with the May/June issue, all built around the theme of blue. Of course, I might be a wee bit biased, since one of my garments is featured in the pictorial. I designed the blue linen romper, with whitework embroidery and I understand from the powers that be that the embroidery design is on the pull-out.
But I don’t just design for magazines, I read ’em, too, and this is definitely one I’ve already got projects earmarked for.
The cover dress, in particular, has me in a fabric-induced frenzy. It’s just so…rich looking. I met Judith Marquis, the designer, last fall, at the SAGA convention in Indianapolis. We were, along with another woman from B.C., the ‘Canadians’; she’s very funny and very approachable. And very talented, too, as evinced by the multiple contributions to this issue.

I’m also glad to see a lot of patterns that adapt well to everyday sewing in this issue, too. Not that I don’t love heirloom styles as much as the next gal – I do – but low-key wearability has to be considered, too.


This day dress, for instance: although it features a lot of handwork in the article, I can easily see the pattern itself worked up in a cheerful poly-cotton print. A bit of rick-rack, or maybe some simple lazy-daisy flowers and le voila! A cool sundress with an easy vintage vibe.

Or this lovely bishop, tapping into the accessory du jour, rick-rack.

rickrack bishop

Bishops aren’t work free – there’s always a fair bit of smocking around those necklines, but I like how unfussy this version is.

And finally, for the world’s cutest swimwear, check out this bikini:


I had a green and white gingham bikini just like this when I was two. Somewhere, in the depths of my parents’ photo albums, I’m sure there are pictures of me, with an equally svelte toddler figure, splashing in the water at the family cottage. I am so going to have to make my niece this bathing suit.

I’d sworn I wasn’t going to add one more thing to my sewing project list this spring but that’s what an issue like this does: it forces you to add to your TBM list. 🙂