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I’d like to thank the Academy…

Posted by on Mar 08 2010, in News

OK, so I didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night but let me tell you, that’s what I felt like saying when my mailman arrived on Friday afternoon and dropped off a very auspicious package.

My very first article in Threads magazine.


Huh. That seems a little too blasé for such a momentous occasion. Italics, perhaps?

My very first article in Threads magazine.

Better, but still not quite capturing in print the giddy emotions that coursed through me at the sight of that bulky, white envelope.

*cartwheeling and backflips* MY VERY FIRST ARTICLE IN THREADS MAGAZINE!!!

*dusting off my hands and hoping the twinge in my back goes away soon* OK, that’s better. And what an issue it is!

There are a ton of fantastic ideas and projects – a new method for making embroidered lace on natural fabrics, some great seam treatments and, of course, the greatest article ever written on sewing rainwear. 🙂

Well, OK, that might be a slight hyperbole but my mother will back me up on it, woncha, Mom? But I am really pleased with the article on sewing rainwear that I wrote – I think (I hope!) people will find it useful. And I am a featured contributor!

I’m proud of every article I write; I write them to the best of my abilities. But there’s something so august, so substantial about Threads magazine. I’ve been reading (and re-reading) my issues for years. There are sewers and designers in there that I admire. A lot. So getting to join their lot is a real thrill for me.


  • Kate

    Just wondering exactly what kind of fabric the yellow was in the photo in the article?

  • Claire

    Kate – my friendly source at Threads got back to me with the details on the fabrics used for the rainwear samples. Both are from Seattle Fabrics. The yellow fabric is a 3-ply ripstop nylon “Sunray”; the grey “Silkara”. They certainly look like they’ve got lots of wonderful outdoor and waterproof fabrics – I’m sure you’ll be able to sew something wonderful!

  • ShirleyC

    Congrats Claire! I hope I can find a copy.