Gathering Threads



    I’d like to thank the Academy…

    Posted by on Mar 08 2010

    OK, so I didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night but let me tell you, that’s what I felt like saying when my mailman arrived on Friday afternoon and dropped off a very auspicious package. My very first article in Threads magazine. Huh. That seems a little too blasé for such a momentous occasion. Italics, […]

    The Cobbler’s Complaint

    Posted by on Feb 21 2010

    I sew. I embroider. I smock. I just don’t do them very often for myself. Seriously, I make pants and shorts and bags and quilts and magazine samples and sun dresses and baby shower gifts. I’m a veritable assembly line of “useful things for others” and Henry Ford’s ghost is very proud. But just like […]

    Chocolates, anyone?

    Posted by on Jan 28 2010

    I gave up my dreams of modelling when at the age of ten or so, when I realized that my parents, at 5’6 and 5’2 respectively probably weren’t going to be the ideal genetic candidates for the next Claudia Schiffer.  I mean, heck, my brother’s the tallest living member of my family and he’s not […]

    Enter Stanley!

    Posted by on Nov 23 2009

    Middle of November already?  Wow.  Cliché of clichés, where did the time go?  But I’ve been a good girl, hard at work, and sent off two new articles that will be gracing the newsstands in April and June respectively.  Of course, that’s between the kidlets and Hallowe’en costumes (Tiger and Luke Skywalker made out handsomely, […]

    On newsstands again!

    Posted by on Nov 11 2009

    Well, I’m on newsstands again this month.  Check out the second half of my article in Sew News and learn how to finish a classic dress shirt beautifully – inside and out. And if you’re a hat fan, I’ve got a quick and easy vintage hat pattern featured in SAGA     News, a great little magazine […]