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partial yoke dress

    Updating a Grace Knott Classic

    Posted by on Mar 21 2014

    I’m always a little suspicious of pristine cookbooks. Sure, if it’s brand new and I’m browsing at the bookstore, pretty pictures and pristine, crisp pages are wonderful. But if someone recommends a cookbook and their copy is immaculate, without a smudge of flour, or a smear of batter, I start to wonder just how good the food really is.

    Tutorial: Blocking Smocked Yokes with Freezer Paper

    Posted by on Jun 15 2011

    The moment that always scares me when I’m making a smocked dress always comes when I’ve got to cut away my smocking for the armholes. Typically, the instructions say something like. “Block smocking. Trace armholes using pattern guide. Zig-zag inside the tracing. Cut.” Sounds easy enough.   How hard can it be?  Well, smocking is […]

    A New Project Underway

    Posted by on Jun 09 2011

    Now that soccer season has started and I’ve got two boys playing this year, I’ve started another smocking project to keep my hands occupied on the sidelines. I know, I know, what kind of a parent smocks during the game? Who am I, daring to look away from all the scintillating action of 12 five […]