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heirloom sewing

    Primrose Bishop

    Posted by on Feb 02 2015

    I’m finally getting a chance to show folks the bishop I finished over the Christmas holidays.  This is Gail Doane’s Primrose, from the Country Bumpkin book Beautiful Bishops.  I’ve made a bunch of bishops from this book, but I’ve  always had my eye on the Primrose.  It’s just so sunshiny and sweet. I started this […]

    Lace! Lace! Lace!

    Posted by on May 26 2014

    Now that I’ve got the attention of the heirloom fans, I want to show you some shots of the dress I’ve just finished for my SAGA Smocked Lace correspondence course. If you’re a regular reader, you might remember me showing you my samplers here and here.  The samplers were practice pieces that let me try […]

    Ruby’s Day Dress

    Posted by on Nov 15 2011

    I often take my children to the Hamilton Children’s Museum.  We’ve been going since they were very little.  It’s a wonderful, hands-place where they can play and explore to their hearts content.  Earlier this year, one of the exhibits was about archeology.   They had a giant sandbox with dinosaur bones glued to the bottom. […]

    Cherie, the Swiss dot bishop, finished

    Posted by on Jun 06 2011

    I’ve finished “Cherie”. Put the last stitch in Saturday evening. The deadline was tight but after promising myself I would get this UFO FO’d it’s all done and I love it.  You can see my progress over the past few weeks here and here. (Stanley’s standing up straight; the wind is blowing the dress crooked. :)) I […]