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    Updating a Grace Knott Classic

    Posted by on Mar 21 2014

    I’m always a little suspicious of pristine cookbooks. Sure, if it’s brand new and I’m browsing at the bookstore, pretty pictures and pristine, crisp pages are wonderful. But if someone recommends a cookbook and their copy is immaculate, without a smudge of flour, or a smear of batter, I start to wonder just how good the food really is.

    Cherie, the Swiss dot bishop, finished

    Posted by on Jun 06 2011

    I’ve finished “Cherie”. Put the last stitch in Saturday evening. The deadline was tight but after promising myself I would get this UFO FO’d it’s all done and I love it.  You can see my progress over the past few weeks here and here. (Stanley’s standing up straight; the wind is blowing the dress crooked. :)) I […]

    Advanced Stitches Project Complete

    Posted by on May 20 2011

    I’ve been struggling to hack down the UFO pile that’s been teetering and tottering on the corner of my sewing table.  Slowly, slowly, progress is being made. This angel-sleeved bishop is one of those UFOs that I finished this past weekend and I’m happy with the results. I made it as my final project for […]

    Excuses Sewers Tell Themselves

    Posted by on May 17 2011

    Sometimes, I’m not entirely honest with myself.  I say things like: “I just have button holes to finish on this project.  It’s OK to start something new.” “I’m not in the mood for fiddly right now.  I want to make something quick and easy.” “I’m using stash fabrics.  That’s got to count for something…” Unfortunately, […]