Gathering Threads

The write month.

Posted by on Oct 01 2009, in News

It’s a busy month on newsstands for me! I’ve made it into not one, not two, but three magazines: Crafts n Things, Create and Decorate and Sew News! Of course, now my attention is on the spring projects I need to fulfill over the next several weeks (working to magazine deadlines is funny that way. I made an advent calendar in February, a Hallowe’en bag in May and now I’m sewing summery prints as the leaves start to fall.

Well, weird calendar or no, I’ve got a cute quilted project for kids that I’m in the process of choosing fabrics for and Stanley (my mannequin) will be seeing a fair bit of pin action in the next little while as I finish up two new children’s patterns for another magazine: a very adorable sundress and a cute boy’s suit. I promise I’ll post a few sneak peeks as the weeks go by.