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Create & Decorate August 2010

Posted by on Jun 27 2010, in News

I’m on newsstands again this month, with a quick and easy applique wall quilt that’s featured in Create & Decorate Magazine.


I enjoyed quilting this project but I’m very, very glad they don’t show the back of this quilt because I’m not winning any blue ribbons any time soon. The quilt features a combination of applique and hand embroidery, all based on a great fish print fabric I found at a local quilting store. I got lots of the fish fabric but I ran out of backing fabric at 9pm on a Sunday night. The stores were closed and there was nothing remotely useable in my stash. So I pieced the leftover scraps I had from my other quilting efforts and managed to get my poor fish into the water, so to speak. But it wasn’t pretty, let me tell you!

I have no doubt that Fons and Porter would string me up by my toes if they could see just how catch-as-catch-can the behind the scene bits are. 🙂 Because the day they start photographing the backs of things along with the front is the day I’m in serious trouble.