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Pattern review

    Bin There, Done That

    Posted by on Oct 03 2011

    You know those sewing projects that seem like a good idea when you start out? The ones you’ll be able to sew up quickly?  Use up some stash, try a cute new pattern and knock off another to-do on the list? That won’t take a lot of fiddling or squidging or would-you-just-lay-flat-you-stupid-piece-of…because they’re just so […]

    ‘Midnight Stars’ winter dress

    Posted by on Dec 05 2010

    I’m generally opposed to holiday clothing for a couple reasons – not because I don’t like holidays but because I get so little time to sew and it seems a little problematic to make something that can only be worn for a short period of time. But having already broken my usual prescription with this […]

    Corrinne Elise complete

    Posted by on Oct 25 2010

    It was a weekend of ‘bits and pieces’ sewing. I made piping and finished up the few inches of remaining smocking on my niece’s winter bishop, getting it ready for construction; I sewed the underarm seams and started the bullions on her Christmas dress and I finished up this heirloom style dress too, marking its […]

    Costumes That Go Bump in the Night

    Posted by on Oct 07 2010

    After the great Jedi debacle of 2009, when Luke’s mother found herself sewing the elastic into the young hero’s pants at 8am on the day of the Hallowe’en party, she swore to herself next year would be different. The force must be with me because because this year, I have my Hallowe’en costumes done…EARLY! I […]

    Do They Make This for Grown-ups?

    Posted by on Sep 21 2010

    I’ve just finished up this adorable coat for my niece today. It is the world’s cutest denim jacket, from AS&E #87. I fell in love with it while I was planning to make the Eloise dress from the same issue and I really liked the fact that I could make something I knew Ellie would […]