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    Corrinne Elise complete

    Posted by on Oct 25 2010

    It was a weekend of ‘bits and pieces’ sewing. I made piping and finished up the few inches of remaining smocking on my niece’s winter bishop, getting it ready for construction; I sewed the underarm seams and started the bullions on her Christmas dress and I finished up this heirloom style dress too, marking its […]

    Free 1940s Smocking Plate

    Posted by on Oct 13 2010

    I saw this cute late 1940s smocking pattern offered for sale on a vintage pattern site recently. I didn’t buy it but I was struck by the charming banded smocking pattern, which so typifies designs of the period. There’s a wealth of ideas to be gleaned from early patterns. I often study vintage pattern illustrations, […]

    It Needs Something…but what?!

    Posted by on Sep 26 2010

    I’ve got an issue with my latest WIP.  This is “Corrine Elise” from PBJK Patterns.   I picked it up last year at the SAGA conference in Indianapolis and it’s been burning a hole in my pattern collection ever since. But I have an issue that is holding me up from finishing it. It has […]

    Do They Make This for Grown-ups?

    Posted by on Sep 21 2010

    I’ve just finished up this adorable coat for my niece today. It is the world’s cutest denim jacket, from AS&E #87. I fell in love with it while I was planning to make the Eloise dress from the same issue and I really liked the fact that I could make something I knew Ellie would […]

    Advanced Stitches Sampler

    Posted by on Sep 21 2010

    In between dresses and magazine assignments, I’ve been working on a SAGA correspondence course, Advanced Smocking Stitches and Design. It’s a five part course, taught by Nancy Malitz. It’s important to note that ‘advanced’ is rather a misnomer – although a few of the stitches are probably not a beginner’s first choice, most are very […]