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    Valentine’s Heart Quilt Square tutorial

    Posted by on Feb 12 2011

    I recently taught “Introduction to Machine Quilting” at Mohawk College.  It was a fun bunch of women and we had a great time.  The class was designed to give novice quilters a basic handle on terminology, supplies, tools and techniques and give them the confidence to tackle quilting projects on their own.  I think everyone […]

    Tutorial: Designing Smocking Plates in Illustrator Pt 1

    Posted by on Feb 11 2011

    This tutorial is designed to allow smockers to create their own smocking graphs in Adobe Illustrator. It’s what I use to create the free vintage plates I offer here on my blog, like the one here and which I use to design many of my magazine projects, too. Pretty, no? Why Illustrator? Well, there is […]