Gathering Threads



    Enigma Embroidered Spring Coat

    Posted by on Apr 02 2012

    I don’t do a lot of ‘straight’ hand embroidery. If I do embroider, it’s often in conjunction with my smocked projects – bullions, feather stitch, that sort of thing.  But last winter, I fell in love with the most gorgeous embroidered jacket from a back issue of Inspirations #12 (1996) called ‘Enigma’.    The knit […]

    A Cross Stitch Pillow in Create n Decorate

    Posted by on Mar 08 2011

    I’ve got a lovely cross-stitch pillow in the current issue of Create n Decorate. (Isn’t that a fat, cheerful bird?) Here’s a close-up of the pillow.  Not nearly as nicely styled as they do it in the magazine but then they actually have decorating ability.  I limit any creative abilities I have to the sewing […]