Gathering Threads



    O Canada

    Posted by on Jun 28 2010

    It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to post any thing really new beyond an article update. Between school wrap up and home renovations and four – yes, four! – Christmas articles, I’ve been swamped. I’ve finished a raft of play shorts for the boys but busy as I am haven’t had a […]

    Free Vintage Smocking Plate

    Posted by on Jun 09 2010

    I have a hodge-podge collection of vintage smocking booklets, picked up from Ebay, yardsales and friendly donations (the classic “You smock?! Here, take these!” followed by a thrusting armful of paper). Many of the designs are very basic – a few rows of cable and wave stitch in a couple of simple colours that were […]

    Barefoot in the Park

    Posted by on May 23 2010

    Thanks to another rainy Saturday, I’ve managed to tick another WIP off the list: a cap-sleeved top and bermuda shorts for my niece. Due to a fairly successful stash diet, that has seen me foregoing new fabric in favour of my existing choices, I’ve made some pretty decent inroads on my stash over the past […]

    Smocking – the New International Language?

    Posted by on Apr 11 2010

    Hello, my name is Claire and I have a problem. Don’t worry! Nothing too serious. I just have an minor addiction to collecting craft and sewing books. Harmless and yet… There’s something so relaxing about curling up with a book and recharging, gathering inspiration, or planning the next project, wishful or otherwise 🙂 I’ve got […]

    What’s Old is New again

    Posted by on Mar 10 2010

    It probably comes as no surprise that I’m a bit of a vintage pattern enthusiast. So when I spied this pattern on Ebay last week – a McCall’s Smocktop pattern from the early 1930s – I knew I wanted it. A whopping $4 later, it was mine. Ah, the thrill of a bargain. In addition […]