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    A Cross Stitch Pillow in Create n Decorate

    Posted by on Mar 08 2011

    I’ve got a lovely cross-stitch pillow in the current issue of Create n Decorate. (Isn’t that a fat, cheerful bird?) Here’s a close-up of the pillow.  Not nearly as nicely styled as they do it in the magazine but then they actually have decorating ability.  I limit any creative abilities I have to the sewing […]

    Fall is in the air

    Posted by on Aug 27 2010

    I’m on newstands again this month, with a lovely cross-stitched pumpkin in Create n Decorate‘s October 2010 issue. I was inspired to stitch the pumpkin-shaped band sampler by the antique marking designs that were published so prolifically during the 19th and early 20th century.  You can download the cross-stitch pattern for the pumpkin band sampler […]

    Do You Know This Man?

    Posted by on Jul 13 2010

    It’s been a very hot few weeks in Ontario and while it eased a little over the weekend, according to our weatherman, we’re once again due for a nice mix of mugginess and thunderstorms. So, given all this heat and stickiness, what am I working on? Something cool and seasonal? Hardly. Guess: This is an […]

    Happy Camper, Indeed

    Posted by on May 26 2010

    It’s always fun to see an idea that was only a sketch on paper make it into print, like the child’s quilting sleeping bag in this month’s issue of Sew News. This was a really fun project to do. I will admit, quilting is not my first love – there’s something rather Sisyphisian to me […]