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December Sew News Article: Men’s Ties

Posted by on Nov 10 2010, in magazine article, News

Got a treat in mail today. The December issue of Sew News dropped through the slot and it’s a great issue. Tons of quick to sew gifts, a really elegant satin throw that I’m definitely coveting and some great tips for altering formal wear, perfect for the holiday party season.

Part and parcel of the gift focus of the issue is my article on sewing men’s ties.  Whether you’re just looking for a Christmas gift or will be facing a bevvy of groomsmen come the spring, sewing a tie is remarkably easy. The tricky bit comes with handling something cut entirely on the bias. Stretch Armstrong’s got nothing on it.

Don’t feel intimidated though.  With a bit of planning and know-how, anyone, even a beginner, can sew a tie. Honest! Be sure to check out my article for tips and tricks and get inspired for the holidays. One gift down, twelve hundred to go, right? 🙂