Gathering Threads



    Exotic Smocking Project Mailed Away

    Posted by on Jun 09 2013

    I’ve been working on my SAGA Exotic Smocking correspondence course samples for ages. I’m embarrassed how long it’s taken me to get my final lesson sample done up.  I’m months overdue. But finally, on Friday, I was able to mail it off to Darcy.  You could hear my sigh of relief clear to Quebec.  Parts […]

    Gail Doane 4-Piece Set workshop

    Posted by on Apr 27 2013

    I ran away from home last week. But before you panic, don’t worry.  I didn’t tie all my belongings up in a handerchief and set off on a raft; I went to Pennsylvania to attend the SAGA Needleart Retreat in State College. If I’d been thinking about the blog, I would have taken pictures but […]

    A Winter Dress

    Posted by on Feb 20 2013

    I’ve been working on this dress on and off since the summer.  If you’re wondering why it took so long, it’s a ‘swimming’ project.  What’s a swimming project, you ask?  Well, it’s closely related to the ‘soccer’ project; swimming projects live in an easy-to-carry bag during the week and the only time they come out […]

    Blank Smocking Graphs

    Posted by on Jan 08 2013

    I know I often offer free smocking plates for folks to enjoy and share.  But recently, a member on the Martha Pullen sewing forum asked where she might find blank smocking graphs so she could chart her own plates. When I offered to send her some via email, I didn’t expect to get a dozen […]

    A Bishop Save

    Posted by on Sep 15 2012

    Did you miss me? I know, I know, I’ve been shamefully remiss the last six weeks or so, with only one post to my credit.  For a while, I kept expecting to see internet rumours about my demise to start circulating.  LOL.  I was sort of hoping for something heroic or interesting.  While bungee-jumping  in […]