Gathering Threads



    Enigma Embroidered Spring Coat

    Posted by on Apr 02 2012

    I don’t do a lot of ‘straight’ hand embroidery. If I do embroider, it’s often in conjunction with my smocked projects – bullions, feather stitch, that sort of thing.  But last winter, I fell in love with the most gorgeous embroidered jacket from a back issue of Inspirations #12 (1996) called ‘Enigma’.    The knit […]

    A new quilt project underway “Plaid Stars”

    Posted by on Apr 02 2012

    It took me ten months to finish David’s guitar quilts. I moaned.  I procrastinated.  I knashed my teeth and wailed. So guess what I started on this week? Another quilt 🙂 Yeah, yeah, I know but even if chain piecing will never fill my heart with rainbows and butterflies, I love the look of quilts. […]

    Smocking Projects, Winter and Spring

    Posted by on Feb 14 2012

    Another session of swimming lessons is upon us, which means another session of easy to smock from the sidelines garments under way. Here’s the first one, which is a square yoke design from AS&E #30, published in 1994.   It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a while and when I found a deep […]

    Fall Sewing

    Posted by on Sep 19 2011

    Hard to believe but the summer really is over. Dug up the garden over the weekend. The blackberries are cut back now, as are the raspberries. Took out the corn stalks and the beans. The tomatoes are still going, albeit a little more slowly, so I left them in. And I started some new projects. […]

    Cherie Bishop update

    Posted by on May 29 2011

    I promised an update last week on this beautiful swiss dot bishop that I unearthed from my sewing room. I’m happy to report that it’s coming along really nicely. Here’s where I’d gotten it to last week: As of this morning, here’s what I’ve accomplished: As you can see, I’ve completed all of the bullions […]