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    Perfect Picture Smocking – A New SAGA Correspondence Course

    Posted by on Jan 08 2015

    Have you ever wanted to learn to picture smock?  Tried it and been unhappy with your results?  Well, I’m delighted to announce a cure for what ails you:  Perfect Picture Smocking is SAGA’s newest correspondence course, designed to help you master picture smocking, and I am SAGA’s newest teacher. This is a five-part correspondence course open […]

    Tutorial: Smocked Herringbone Baskets

    Posted by on Jul 10 2014

    I got a lot of questions (and kind compliments) when I posted pictures of my Grace Knott WIP in the spring. Many of the questions dealt with the flower baskets, which look uncannily like real wicker. Folks were curious to know what stitch I’d used and could I show them how to do it? Then […]

    Scalloped Collar Tutorial

    Posted by on Jun 27 2013

    One of the details that I really enjoyed sewing on my recently completed 1950s cherry print dress was the scalloped sailor collar.  I finished the edges with narrow piping, which helps to define the edge of the collar and set it off from the dress fabric. This tutorial will show you how to sew piped […]

    Tutorial: Pleater Maintenance

    Posted by on Feb 22 2012

    How’s your pleater treating you? Is it hard to turn, fighting over every revolution? Does it skew the fabric, even when it’s been cut on grain? Create bubbles in the fabric? Miss pleats? Needles snapping left and right? You may be casting an evil eye towards your needles and wondering if you have to replace […]

    Tutorial: Designing Geometric Smocking Plates in Illustrator Pt 3

    Posted by on Aug 13 2011

    This is the third part of my tutorial on designing geometric smocking plates.   For the first two parts, including the illustrator file you’ll need to complete this tutorial, click here and here. If you haven’t completed the first two tutorials, you’ll want to practice and complete them first before tackling the final tutorial on […]