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My website is a place to find out about me: my latest works in progress, upcoming articles, workshops and general news about my sewing and crafting endeavours and getting in touch, too. If you’re interested in sewing for children (especially with vintage flair), smocking or just making unique clothes and accessories for folks in your life, I hope you’ll find inspiration, commiseration and advice here on my site.

Visit my my blog for all the latest on my publications, pictures of my creative endeavours (finished, almost finished, and when-will-it-be-finished!), as well as tips, tricks and tutorials where I’ll try and share I’ve uncovered during my personal sewing, smocking and embroidery endeavours with you.

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Updating a Grace Knott Classic

March 21st 2014

I’m always a little suspicious of pristine cookbooks.  Sure, if it’s brand new and I’m browsing at the bookstore, pretty pictures and pristine, crisp pages are wonderful.  But if someone recommends a cookbook and their copy is immaculate, without a smudge of flour, or a smear of batter, I start to wonder just how good […]

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Smocking Exhibit opens at Lacis March 8

February 19th 2014

If you are a lover of smocking, the needle arts, fashion, fabric manipulation or fashion history, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the exhibit Smocking, Fabric Manipulation and Beyond, at the Lacis Museum in Berkeley, California. Gathered in one place, you will find amazing pieces that span the decades and demonstrate […]

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A Quick Vintage-Style Quilt

January 22nd 2014

So, my sewing goal for 2014 is to eliminate all of my UFOs. No.  Really.  Stop laughing.  I’m serious! I am hereby announcing that I intend to finish all of the UFOs currently lurking in my stash and in my sewing room before the end of 2014. I already finished up Shiny Brite. Now here’s […]

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My Site Was Hacked by Spammers :(

January 17th 2014

I am so sorry, folks. I’ve had a couple of kind people let me know that spam was appearing in my recent posts, offering everything from Viagra to Michael Kors bags. I’ve talked to my IT guy and it turns out that at some point in the past six weeks, my site was hacked by […]

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Shiny Brite Quilt Top Complete

January 15th 2014

Hoorah!  Shiny Brite is wrapped and off to Allison’s for the quilting. It had been sitting, all the blocks trimmed and completed, since August.  You can see how far I’ve come since my last update on this project.  But all through the fall, every time I shifted the box the pieces lived in to get […]

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